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All-in-one iPhone Photo app TopCamera kicks it up a notch with latest release

TopCamera is an app that ‘has it all’. It allows you to take pictures with Stabilizer, has a true multi image HDR, does burst photography shooting, slow shutter for low light and even  a timer to get yourself in the image. The only ‘negative’ for me so far is the user experience for editing photos within TopCamera. It has all the features to tune/enhance photos, it just isn’t very natural. What the app is for me is the single app to launch for just about any photo I need to take.

In the update, TopCamera lets’ you choose what the app launches with – the camera, image enhance area or ‘the last used’. Also in the update is smoother zooming, and more selective focusing if your shooting video. I may have missed that above, TopCamera does both photography and video recording… it really is that first app you launch when your in any visual recording situation, then think about how you want to save to share later.

Oh yea, and the new launcher icon update is really nice too!