25 Mar

With SteamZoo Closing, Where Will You Share Your iPhone Pics

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There is a lot of options to share your photos with the public. Many started up long before Instagram but have not had the buy-in from the masses. And, if they did get great quantities of visitors, they were unable to turn eyes into money to pay for servers. SteamZoo is a recent but amongst […]

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24 Dec

Clarity Goes Pro In The New Updated Camera+

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Camera+ is an app I jump to when I need to do a quick tune of a photo. The app has a large group of filters, that can be layered and each can have their level of application adjusted. As well, there are non filter tuning options, frames and rotate. One of the best known […]

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06 Jul

iPhone Black and White Photography has gotten better with Hueless

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Show of hands, how many readers remember my mentioning an app I have been using (reviewed) for Black and White photography with the iPhone. The important part to the joy of taking the Black and White photos was that the shots are done from the start without color rather than running filters later. A downside […]

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22 May

Finally a Fish Eye lens for my iPhone that I can actually use!

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Watch out… the tunnel walk ways, bridges, old buildings and dense forests will never been the same. At lease, not the same through the eye of my iPhone camera. I have gone through fish eye options both software and physical hardware. There is some acceptable software available and that is what I have had to […]

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12 Apr

All-in-one iPhone camera app ProCamera on sale for 99 cents today…

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I have covered ProCamera a few times in the past, running through features and their updates. The app is one of a couple ‘pro’ camera apps I use on my iPhone when shooting around town since it is so quick to adjust the settings to zero in on the shot I’m looking for. ProCamera lets […]

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