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Taking full control of your photo timelines via your iPhone

As projects or events get rolling along, I have a tendency to take pictures along the way. When I sync to iPhoto on the notebook, I try to get them tagged properly. Then, later, when it comes time to tell the story, I search for the images and build a folder of them.

I stumbled across a app today that appears to be built to help me out at being better prepared when it comes time to share the story with photos. The iPhone app Notica is for building a visual timeline that can later be shared with information already built in. The timeline is ‘stacks’ of notecards that you can quickly create when you snap a photo or later when time permits.

When a new Notica notecard is created. Some data can be inserted automatically like the date and location. Both of which can be edited later if needed. An image or a video as well as a descriptive note are added to each notecard. The cover art of the note’s stack shows in the upper left corner.

Images within each Notica notecard stack can be viewed and edited. Choosing the Edit button from this list view allows a card to be deleted or moved to another stack. Tapping a card in the list will show all the cards in full size side by side. Note’s text can be expanded or the cards can be reduced to show buttons for trash, move and share.

Within Notica, the groups of cards (either as just the image of the full card as below) can be saved to the iPhone photo library, sent  via email, shared on Facebook or Twitter and post to a Tumblr blog. The photo with information image is 1200 x 1545.