12 Sep

Keepsy adds the ability to create photo print books on the iPhone

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I have set up a couple print books using the Keepsy online Web service. It’s pretty easy to add photos, either from a photo library as well as photos I have on Instagram. My only complaint has been the feature where all of the chosen images are auto inserted into a photo book, that I […]

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04 Aug

MoPho app update – creating printed dog tags using your iPhone photos

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Rather than waiting to get home to use the computer, the app MoPho allows you to create print products all on the iPhone. Using photos you have taken with your iPhone, the app offers a long list of items that can have your photos printed on. Choose a product, select one of your photos (you […]

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16 Dec

Your iPhone pictures infused onto scratch resistant aluminum

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There are a few options to have your iPhone pictures printed. There are services that will print your iPhone taken image onto a postcard and mail it. Most of the services lean towards square prints so you can do something with your Instagram and Hipstamatic images. A new provider, PostalPix, is expanding on what others […]

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