16 Oct

Fotor HDR is starting to see more action for iPhone HDR Photography

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As promised, an update on the Fotor HDR post I did earlier (Fotor HDR wants to replace… ). The first pass at anything new is usually, ‘how does it stack up against what I already use’. Which can be good if your current solution is your only path. In my case, I have always experimented […]

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09 Oct

Fotor HDR Wants To Replace Pro HDR On My iPhone

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Today I saw some chatter on the Internet about Fotor HDR. I’m a fan of well done HDR so I’m always game to see what a new HDR iPhone option has to offer. A bit of reading gave me an answer I didn’t want to see, the app uses two photos to merge. ┬áThe HDR […]

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14 May

3 Shot Bracket Photography Comes To The iPhone with PureShot

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I have covered HDR photography here before. The iPhone camera and many apps take two photos at different exposure settings and merge the images to lighten the dark and make the light areas really pop. That of course is over simplified, I’m not going for an HDR lesson in this post. When a person finds […]

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26 Jan

Another iPhone HDR photo app, this one with a ton of fine tuning tools

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I have covered several HDR photos apps for the iPhone. Some create a HDR like photos by applying filters to lighten the dark areas and push the bright colors with a bit of a boost. Then, there are a few that take actual HDR photos which is to say they take multiple images and merge […]

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30 Nov

Top Camera for iPhone gets 9 new HDR filters

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I have mentioned HDR (high dynamic range) photography before… two photographs of bright and dark merged together for a single image. The photos can be rather energized since your able to see a full range in a single photo. Previously, I talked about an app that snapped two photos and merged for you. The Top […]

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