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Get the Photographer in the shot with Signature Camera Pro on the iPhone

If your at an event and taking pictures, how do you include yourself in the photos? Do you use the front camera so you can see everyone and you on the screen? Of course, this means the overall photo is slightly lower resolution as the front camera is not as high a number as the main/back camera. If you use the ‘main’ iPhone camera, you have to guess who may be cut off in the final photo.

Another option I came across today is Signature Camera Pro. It works by inserting a photo of the person taking the picture which it takes when the main photo is taken with the higher resolution camera. Signature Camera Pro actually produces three photos: one of the group, one of the photographer and one with the two merged together.

When snapping the photo using Signature Camera Pro, you are able to choose if you want the photographer’s image as just the thumbnail insert or the same photo with a ‘by’ next to it. There is also the option to choose an image from your iPhone’s photo library… not sure if this photo is used as the main or thumbnail photos as the feature isn’t working on my (and three of my friends) iPhone.