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Pulling together pictures that tell you about a place before you get there

Photo sharing sites have become a place for people to post photos showing what they had for lunch, the people they are hanging out with, a funny situation and a place they are visiting. While browsing around places like Instagram or Twitter, it is possible to see photos from places I have never been to. Many places are locations that I will never be able to see in person. There are other photos of places I am about to visit. The difficulty is pulling together places I’m heading to beyond doing a simple search.

A solution has shown up as a free app to use on the iPhone, called ‘Now.‘ <- there is a period in the name. The app will give you the option of viewing around you, a key city or search for another place of interest.

01 Now iPhone

The Now. location images shown appear to do not be by hashtag, rather Geotags. So, looking for a location on the map will give you photos that others have taken in that area. Unlike searching directly on Instagram where your dependent on people getting their hashtag assigned and spelled correctly.

02a Now iPhone

One instance of using Now. beyond sight seeing is an event like Macworld. Going to where the event will be or searching for the particular event by name will present all of the images posted in the area.

02b Now iPhone

The images can be scrolled through as thumbnails as well viewed larger end-to-end. The group and individual photos can be favored or shared.

03 Now iPhone

The Now. app lets you tell others about a photo (like in the case of Macworld, group photos your friends might be interested in) or to tell the system that the photo is Inappropriate.

04 Now iPhone

Choosing a picture will let you pull up the full size version. This is nice to view people, what other people have seen at the location, and in the case of a restaurant, a view of a dish you may want to order when there.

05 Now iPhone