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Walk The Wild Side With A New Film And Lens For Oggl And Hipstamatic

Normally, there is a bit of a time difference between lens/film combos coming out across the Hipstamatic camera and photo sharing products. But, this weekend Madagascar showed up in both! If your a fan of shooting with film and lens effects to get more of a film camera experience, there is the bundle in Hipsamatic iPhone Camera app. If your a fan of the Oggl photography social sharing, you now have the film and lens to mix and match with your other favorites too (Oggl allows for the film/lens combo change after the photo is taken).


In the case of the Hipstamatic app, there is a new camera face to use too. Love the colors!

Madagascar camera

Here is a shot I just took using the Madagascar combo


Buenos Aires Square Format Photos Like My Instant Film Camera Takes

When out at the Antique Malls, there is almost always someone offering little square photos. They are fun to browse through, handy if you don’t have any family history, build your own for a couple bucks.

Interesting that many of the small square photos are actually from early Polaroid cameras. Before the iconic SX-70 and the auto developing photos buzzing out the square photos on a large lower lip print, there was the two part instant film. The early Polaroid cameras opened with an expanding front lens, the exposed film was pulled out the back, waved around for a bit then the two parts where separated to show a small lipped square photo. Fujifilm is now offering film for these early cameras so an older 180 model pulls in $700+. If you want to see the different cameras and film options, take a look at the The Land List.

There are a few iPhone filter apps that make an attempt to match the real look of film photography. That is, film photography of yesteryear with 1940/50s or lomo cameras with simple lenses. Having a collection of those early cameras that actually work, it is fun at times to compare a filter to a shot I took with film. This week, Hipstamatic rolled out a new Buenos Aires film and lens pack.

02 Buenos Aires HipstaPak

The HipstaPak is a single lens, Diego and two films, Uchitel 20 and Blanko C16.

03 Buenos Aires HipstaPak04 Buenos Aires HipstaPak

05 Buenos Aires HipstaPak

06 Buenos Aires HipstaPak07 Buenos Aires HipstaPak

08 Buenos Aires HipstaPak09 Buenos Aires HipstaPak

As a reminder, Hipstamatic has you choose a lens, film and a flash (turn on/off) that you use to take a photo. Like early cameras and film, you can’t change that choice after you snap the photo. You tune the photo ‘later’. I have my selection of filter/enhancement apps I use, with Hipstamatic having it’s own place in my daily shooting… the fun of planning ahead instead of bulk snapping and tuning later.

Here are a few shots of the lens/film options in the Buenos Aires Hipstapak, real world stuff:

Lens: Diego  –  Film: Uchitel 20

10 Diego Uchitel 20

Lens: Diego  – Film: Blanko C16

11 Diego Blanko C16

Lens: Diego  – Film: Uchitel 20

12 Diego Uchitel 20

For something to compare, here is a shot using the Diego lens and the Sussex film

13 Diego Sussex

 Lens: Diego  –  Film: Uchitel 20

14 Diego Uchitel 20

Lens: Diego  –  Film: Blanko C16 

15 Diego Blanko C16