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Adding light to the dark areas of iPhone Photos… without carrying a huge flash!

I didn’t want to lead off the post with a headline saying ‘FREE’ again, but this iPhone Photo enhancement uses the ACDSee Camera Flash app, which is FREE TODAY ONLY. The app is Universal so it will help with those quick edits on your iPad too.

Similar to the Clarify effect and other light balancing enhancements in popular iPhone Photo apps, ACDSee Camera Flash is a ‘one button’ app that lightens the dark areas of photos without a lot of your effort. This works very well for pictures taken of people in front of buildings where the building is bright and you lost the features of the person in darkness. After the app does it’s work, there is a slider to tone down the effect a bit if the brighter areas of the original photo gets lost. Of course, ACDSee Camera works better with some photos than others. A photo I took of a boat landing worked very well as the dock and water around it came alive to match the shore in the background that used to be the only part visible. Clouds do loose their detail in most situation though… ‘success’ with ACDSee Camera Flash really depends on what your hoping the end result is.

Saving the photo out of ACDSee Camera Flash can be Small, Medium and Large… where large is the full size of the original photo. Below is the before after, where the after (lower) is left with the default rather than using the slider to tune a bit.



Update to Instagram for iPhone – changes you can really see!

The folks from Instagram (the social iPhone Photo service!) shot out an upgrade today. It’s full of what seems simple but will make a huge impact. A new filter, a new enhancement and a new UI!!

So, 2.1 includes the Lux photo enhancement. You may notice that it is very similar to Clarify in other apps I have mentioned before. It sharpens the colors and and brings the dark areas up to level with the lighter areas. There is also a new filter for your photos, called Sierra. It is a brighter, more colorful Earlybird.

Lastly, the Instagram buttons along the bottom have matured and the simplified look lightens up the whole experience. All fun stuff, looking forward to sharing my iPhone shots.