09 Dec

Creating Polaroid Like Wall Collages

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Major Polaroid fans have rows of Polaroid shots all nicely lined up on their walls. Artist create smaller collages of Polaroid photos put together to make a bigger picture, telling a story. Usually, this is done by scenes that require several photos to cover an area or a subject from different perspectives. Not having a […]

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26 Jun

Taking Dramatic Black & White Photographs with the iPhone

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Along with the iPhone camera, I also shoot with digital cameras and film cameras. While I love being able to do many levels of modifications to my iPhone photos, I enjoy the challenge of shooting with a few Lomo cameras too. The Lomo cameras have a very limited range of adjustments (usually a couple distance […]

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15 Apr

A grip for your iPhone 4 so it feels like a full size camera – Has shutter buttons too

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Last year there was a project on Kickstarter (this post is not about a Kickstarter project) for a device that connected to a iPhone to make the photo taking experience more like a digital camera. A large grip with a shutter button and a related app that accepts the shutter button push to result in […]

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11 Jan

iPhone Obsessed – the iPhone photography book I wanted to write!

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The concept was simple, but to pull it off meant a lot of work. I set about taking photos with my iPhone and editing them with a variety of iPhone photo editing apps. I then showed the original and the final options with effects applied. It has been a lot of fun over the last […]

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