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Changing a photo’s impact using gradient fills

I was recently looking to see if there was anything new with Squaready, an app that fills around ‘not square’ photos so they can be posted to sites that require square. Looking over the developers work, I saw they did an app for applying different gradient effects to iPhone photos. Normally, I think of gradients as simply a light to dark area fill, particularly when I want an area of a photo highlighted more than other areas. Looking over the examples their app had, it got me thinking about the many other natural and un-natural enhancements that can be done to a photo.

The app, Gradgram – Fast Gradient Image Editor for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – …. (serious, that is the apps name!) is an iPhone only app that can be yours for less than a US dollar. Uh, I still can’t get over that name.

Back to gradients. The app allows for the application of gradients colors that you choose from a picker, then apply from an area to another using a horizon or even circle areas. Then share the finished result directly out through the sites mentioned in the app’s name but also to other apps like Camera+ if you want to do additional editing. Looking over Gradgram’s examples, it gives me a few ideas to play with photos I recently took of interior rooms that would pop with the proper area shading.

01 gradgam gradient iPhone

02 gradgam gradient iPhone


A new option for iPhone Photo Bokeh Light Effect Fans

If you have the need to add light effect dots or shapes to your iPhone photos, I have found a new option. An option that is offering more tuning than is found in other Bokeh light apps. Bokehful still has the randomness of the dot or shape location on the photo, but lets you have better control of the placement by painting with your finger.

Choose a shape to have the lighting appear in on your iPhone photo. Then, choose the colors and gradients for the lighting. Bokehful makes the process quick via it’s pickers and pre-assembled light color groupings. You can even choose the direction the gradient effect is applied.

When done, the image is saved at full resolution, or share with others through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or as a eMail attachment. As an extra, this is a universal app so when you buy for your iPhone, you can install on your iPad to use at no extra charge too.

PicShop iPhone Photo Editor 2.0 – with “Tons of Editing”

When I first saw PicShop iPhone Photo Editor claim to do ‘Tons of Editing”, I had to chuckle. I actually went on past the app, but then returned to take a look later. This must of course be a light weight filters application app… happy to report that it is much more. While the app offer a few common found filters, the actual more detailed tuning options are nice with their enhancement sliders and pickers. That is to say, you can customize your photos pretty quickly without getting into a full photo editor like Laminar.

After importing a photo, the areas of turning are buttons across the bottom of the screen. Each will show it’s group of effects applied to the image in the thumbnail for quick reference. The Picshop 2.0 groups include: Edits, Filters, Frames and ‘Extras’.

Like in the screen shot below for writing on the photo, PicShop offers sliders to fine tune each effect and enhancement. The changes are shown in real time then they can be applied or discarded. This allows for many different tuning effects to be used without saving and reloading an image.

Color pickers are supplied by PicShop when the choices are needed.

The variety of focus options is nice as a quick way to pull an object out or create depth.

On the ‘cute’ side, there are stickers, writing, meme, and other photo customization options that are beyond the normal filters found elsewhere. Sharing with PicShop is through email, twitter or Facebook. Saving to the iPhone’s photo library in a variety of resolutions is also supported.

Selective color add and enhancing on iPhone Photos

I have run through a bunch of apps I use to tune images overall with contrast, brightness and saturation… as well a bunch of filter options. One item in my iPhone ‘camera bag’ is the ability to add/remove color from a iPhone Photo. For a long while, I have been using ColorSplash (more on it later, mentioned in another post here) to make areas of a photo pop with color while altering the rest of the photo to black and white.

A new app, to me, is a free app (no way to remove on screen iAds) called Color Splurge. It offers a different and valuable set of photo coloring enhancements. After importing a photo, it is converted to gray, or rather, all color is removed. You can ‘paint’ with your finger which areas you want color to be returned to. What sets Color Splurge apart from many options is there is also a color picker to paint color back on. Color can be chosen through color number dials or three sliders. You aren’t able to adjust the saturation of the color but that ability can really change reality in a photo.

Previously, I have taken photos and only highlighted the areas of importance or where I want a element to cut out visually. With Color Splurge, I have been reversing the thinking where I use the color brush to recolor the whole photo then drop areas out of little importance by converting them to gray scale.