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PhotoJojo is going to school you on better iPhone Photography

This just in… PhotoJojo wants to go beyond cool iPhone photography gadgets and fun books. Now, they are offering their own ‘University’ on ‘Phoneography 101‘.

For $5 (introductory price), you will receive two emails a week for four weeks covering; Camera Basics, Composition, Lighting, Experimental, Creative Effects, Tools, Editing and Sharing. The emails are reported to be ‘bite-sized’ and formatted to view on the iPhone screen. Each lesson taking minutes instead of hours. While there is no homework or surprise quizzes, each lesson does end with a challenge to strength your photography skills. All taught by Professor Pancake, Professor PJ and a Basket of Kittens… yea, they have s sense of humor over at PhotoJojo.

What do I think? Well, I have yet to receive my first lesson but below are some screen shots they offer on the site. It looks interesting and may prove to be a great gift for the new iPhone (no Android version available!!) owner that found they now have a camera everywhere they go.

01 PhotoJojo University

02 PhotoJojo University

03 PhotoJojo University