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Bump photos from your iPhone to your computer goes official, Open for all to use!

I mentioned earlier about playing with the public beta of Bump’s iPhone to computer photo transfer. It has continued to work well for me. The service works by launching a Bump provided Web site, having my iPhone connected to the internet over Wifi (doesn’t have to be on the same network as the computer), then tap the iPhone to the computer’s space bar. The photo(s) zip from the iPhone to the computer.

The fun has gone official today as Bump is now promoting it through their newest update. The Web address has changed from the one I was using previously, now: photos.bu.mp

If you don’t use Bump, when you launch the app, it starts with your contact info (editable) on the screen so it’s quick to Bump someone else’s iPhone and transfer your information. If you swipe across the screen, the next is the photos overview. You can select one or many photos to transfer to another iPhone or now (officially) your computer. Swipe again to go to a list of contacts that you can choose to Bump to another iPhone if you need to share a person’s name, address, and phone with other people (great around the office).