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Creating Art With iPhone Photos Isn’t All Just Filters

Ready for a change? A newer iPhone photo enhancement app… that ISN’T a bunch of filters. I still enjoy using filters effectively to expand on the emotion of a photo. But, this post is about the world outside of ‘enhancements’ and more about ‘art’. An app that fits the ‘art’ from iPhone photos is Deco Sketch. For me, it’s fun, but looking at the examples there are those that can use the app’s tools to make very memorable images.

00 Deco Sketch iPhone

Deco Sketch is a geographic art tool to use on photos taken with the app or imported from the iPhone’s photo library. Art sketches are done via 10 brushes that can be adjusted for 130 different effects. The brush strokes can also be adjusted with 15 configurations. And, exporting is a full 8 MP (2448 x 3264).

01 Deco Sketch iPhone

The tools buttons are well done with little explanation needed to know what it behind them. The application of an effect is more than selecting and applying a bunch of blotches. The geographical lines apply differently depending on starting points, movement of your finger and ending point.

02 Deco Sketch iPhone

03 Deco Sketch iPhone

Choosing a different geographic option in the lower of the two rows, results in a new line of fine tuning options above it. Select one to apply. There is also a color picker to use for the lines. I found it fun to just blur the color object in the image. Below is one of the many ‘hint/tips’ that pop up when using Deco Sketch… while they can be turned off, I found them very useful to leave on.

04 Deco Sketch iPhoneUsing the magnifying glass, you can zoom in/out to get better precision. Also, using the button in the upper left corner removes all of the tools buttons for a clean work space.
05 Deco Sketch iPhoneThe finished Deco Sketch image can be shared out of the app via email, message, Twitter, Facebook, use as a photo for a contact, save to the iPhone photo library, print or ‘copy’ to open in another app.

06 Deco Sketch iPhone