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Fine tuning how pictures are taken with the iPhone, before worrying about filters

In the film camera days, I spent time learning how to work with light, lenses, and film speed. All to produce an effect I was looking for. It took practice and a lot of film. Now, the default for most iPhone camera users is to snap a photo and apply a filter to get the look for maximum impact. I’m right in there, playing with filters and fine tuning color balance, etc to get just the right feeling.

There are a couple app that actually enhance the action of taking a photo with the iPhone in the first place. One that keeps coming up amongst my iPhone Photo friends is Pro Camera. The app offers filters, sharing and Dropbox storage after the photos is taken like other solutions. What Pro Camera offers that few competing apps do is the pre shutter snap tuning.

For close up shots, Pro Camera offers a enhanced zoom, which used with the app’s Anti Shake creates very clear macro images. I use the app’s ability to separate out the Focus and Exposure spots most often to focus on a point yet keep it from being the dark area of a photo.

SelfTimer, RapidFire burst shooting, Virtual Horizon and QR Code handling are all great ‘other’ features that make Pro Camera stand out from the crowd.