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All-in-one iPhone camera app ProCamera on sale for 99 cents today…

I have covered ProCamera a few times in the past, running through features and their updates. The app is one of a couple ‘pro’ camera apps I use on my iPhone when shooting around town since it is so quick to adjust the settings to zero in on the shot I’m looking for.

ProCamera lets you fine tune just about every feature: Stability, self timer, expert mode (focus/exposure separate, RapidFire, HighSpeed mode, enhanced photo zoom, Date stamp, Auto Save, Fullscreen Trigger, video focus, video zoom, video preview, use the volume as trigger, geo tagging, system sounds, quick flick album…. wait, there is more… there is ‘Advanced Options’ too!! Green mode, Direct Photo/Video Toggle, Calibrate Virtual Horizon and Copyright exif. ProCamera, it’s all about taking photos with your iPhone your way… and it’s on sale!

ProCamera for the iPhone on sale this weekend… and Wide Angle Photography

In the world of social services that want only square photos, a lot of iPhone photographers I talk to spend time thinking about the center of their photos knowing that is all that will be used. What is lost is the possible full wide view. I have used pano apps before to get a wider than normal view without going 360 degrees. But, the iPhone in landscape view alone is nicely wide. I found a nice article over on Photos Tuts+ that covers things to consider when taking wide photography. It covers things like framing, edge blur, depth of field, and more. The post is positioned towards a stand alone camera instead of a iPhone camera, but it has many important items you should keep in mind when framing up a iPhone shot.

If you have been sitting on the fence about whether you should buy the ProCamera ‘all-in-one’ iPhone camera app, now might be the right time. ProCamera is showing as only 99 cents in the iTunes store right now.

Quick reminder, the ProCamera solution was covered here before –Fine tuning how pictures are taken with the iPhone, before worrying about filters.