03 Feb

Using the iPhone for Long Exposure photography with LongExpo

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I have covered a few Long Exposure photography solutions over the last couple years. The camera on the iPhone is quite capable but you have to have more power over the exposure length which is possible with apps like LongExpo. There is actually more to long exposure photography then just holding the shutter open longer. […]

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26 Jan

Maximizing Color Splash editing with Color Splash+ FX on the iPhone

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It isn’t a secret how angry I get at developers that release apps with light features and names close to other full featured apps. The generally get pretty creative with their descriptions too. So, when I first saw Color Splash+ FX, I was doubtful it was going to be much more than creative marketing. Perhaps, […]

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12 Apr

All-in-one iPhone camera app ProCamera on sale for 99 cents today…

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I have covered ProCamera a few times in the past, running through features and their updates. The app is one of a couple ‘pro’ camera apps I use on my iPhone when shooting around town since it is so quick to adjust the settings to zero in on the shot I’m looking for. ProCamera lets […]

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