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Wow Camera for iPhone, Pro version is Free for limited time!

An app showing up for free this weekend got my attention first because of their different angle on taking pictures. Rather than depend on filters after the photo has been taken, Wow Camera Pro shows you what the image looks like with the effect they are offering.

These are chosen from the small ‘up’ arrow in the lower right corner of the app, then choosing the effect group. While the flowers I was standing in front of don’t really lend themselves to needing these effect, you get the idea. From the left arrow, Wow Camera Pro offers a pull out menu offers photo taking assistants. Once the photo is taken, there is a series of filters that can be used along with the usual crop and rotate seen on many other camera app.

Adding text (many fonts, size and colors) and text balloons is also supported, a bit of a surprise with what at first appears to be a photo filter app. I will be shooting a few shots to learn the pre-capture effects so I can ‘see’ when a shot will be best suited with one. A bit of new fun, all from a free ‘Pro’ app.


Add Text, Handwriting and Stamps to your iPhone Photos, on the iPhone… Free this weekend!

You never know when the need might hit me. I need to write a annotation on a photo, add a watermark or stamp. Sounds like a simple need, but to do so has been possible through notes apps or a app per type of text I want to add. Finally, an all-in-one app that gets all my iPhone Photo notations handled. To make the app even better, the app A+ Signature is free through Feb 14th! This isn’t the ‘lite’ version, the free offering is for the full power app.

There is a lot more tuning available through the app than I want to go into on my simple blog. Color of text/ink, sizing, placement, editing, outlines, seemingly endless list of available fonts… and more… all in this one app.

Adding text while enhancing your iPhone Photos

There is an app I use a lot for fine tuning my images, Camera+. I like the ‘Scenes’ options that allow the tune the lighting of an image. Effects is the app’s way of saying ‘Filters’ which work well. A little known feature of Camera+ is the ability to add text to images. It is hidden a bit so it’s easy to miss or even forget when you know about it.

When viewing a image to edit, choose the ‘Borders’ option, then when you choose a ‘Frame’ you will find a ‘Captions’ button. With this feature, you can add free form text, edit location and add date or time.