Long Island HipstaPak No Longer Free, But Adds A Lens To The Film Bundle

Towards the end of August this year, I mentioned stumbling upon a Free Pak available in the Hipstamatic iPhone Camera app. The ‘free’ Long Island HipstaPak offered a camera body (art) and BlacKeys Extra Fine Film (black and white). Now, the Long Island Pak has been re-introduced for 99 cents, with the addition of Florence Lens.
01 Long Island Hipstamatic
As I mentioned above, the Long Island HipstaPak still has the BlacKeys Extra Fine film and Old Sport Camera Case, with the addition of the Florence lens (Hipstamatic doesn’t go into what effect the lens creates, but basically it’s a 99 cent lens if you already have the earlier Free Long Island HipstaPak).
02 Long Island Hipstamatic
03 Long Island Hipstamatic
Pictures provided by Hipstamatic taken with the Long Island Pak.
04 Long Island Hipstamatic
As promised when there is a lens, filter or film released that I mention, here are a few photos taken with the Long Island HipstaPak. For reference, here is the earlier post on the original (lensless) Long Island Pak.
05 Long Island Hipstamatic
06 Long Island Hipstamatic
Hey… did anyone every get the iOS7 Pak for free from Hipstamatic? Right after iOS7 was released, the Hipstamatic app showed a color gel and a couple flat design cases as free. I never saw how to download then and now the Pak is 99 cents.
iOS7 Flat Pak