1 Second video per day stitched into your life movie

For years now, people have snapped a self photo per day and stitched together into a movie. It is interesting to see how a person’s face changes over time. Some of the photos reflecting the person in casual, some dressed up, some after work and others after working out. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about little video recording devices that are either constantly or near always-on recording what is going around the wearer. I’m not thrilled about people constantly recording all around me. Sure, there is traffic and safety cameras that catch me passing by every day. I’m talking about a person sitting in a meeting or talking to me at a personal level.

A Kickstarter project just wrapped up successful with a fun marriage of the two visual recording paths above. Instead of snapping a single photo or continuious video recording, 1 Second Everyday is an iPhone app that you use to record a moment in time every day. Then, merge the short one second videos into a movie. Within a second, you have a moment in time about what is going on around the user. While not collecting too much like a conversation or too little with a single snap that can’t always be put into context. The app also allows a second of time to be pulled out of longer videos you have on your iPhone.

Although the app is inexpensive, as a thanks for the Kickstarter funding ending well, Cesar Kuriyama┬áis offering 1 Second Everyday for no charge on Thursday January 10th, 2013. This is a 24 hour only deal. I’m looking forward to seeing how those moments come together and how the story unfolds for the viewers in the future. Whether I keep the movie private or choose to share out directly through the app.

1 second everyday