iPhone Black and White Photography has gotten better with Hueless

Show of hands, how many readers remember my mentioning an app I have been using (reviewed) for Black and White photography with the iPhone. The important part to the joy of taking the Black and White photos was that the shots are done from the start without color rather than running filters later.

A downside I mentioned was that the ‘viewfinder’ on the iPhone screen showed the subject in color, with the resulting image being Black and White. So, your not seeing what you will get, must like looking through a film camera’s physical view finder.

A iPhone Camera app I just found that solves my request for ‘see what you will get’ viewing is Hueless. The app has it’s positives and negatives, but as a app for seeing and taking Black and White photos with my iPhone, it’s a winner!

When you launch Hueless, your ready to start snapping shots. Tapping the screen will give you a focus ring. Around the outer edge of the screen (works in portrait and landscape views) is some tuning options, which can be hidden if you want a clean viewfinder screen. The screen shot below is all of the tuning options showing. The ‘half circle’ can be tapped to run through colors like yellow and green filters, this helps when dealing with a color item you want parts to show strong or week. Next is the ‘show grid’, front/back camera chooser and flash control. Down the left is a slider for tuning the exposure. The only complaint is that front/back camera choose, why wasn’t the iPhone’s standard icon art get used?

When you snap a photo, they are saved to the ‘camera’ roll graphic along the bottom of the page. Tapping the image, opens a new page, the app thinks a bit then your given a screen with three icons: A camera icon to return to photo taking, a Photo Library link to see the images to choose, and a share button to share images with friends on Instagram, Twitter and attach to an email.

The need to step through the iPhone’s photo library confuses me, but the process of taking the picture from the start makes Hueless a fun app I will be using a lot.