Interesting app for photographing historical landmarks using the iPhone

When on photo walks, I come across buildings and landmarks that I recognize from photos taken by others. Generally, the photos are memorable. Sometimes it is fun to get a photo of the area as close to the more famous photo as possible for people to relate to the impact.

There are also times that I will be taking a photo of an area as I pass it, day after day, capturing a series of photos to show the changes over a period of time. For this, I try to find a non-changing location ID that I can use to stand on or at when taking the photo.

Both situations may have gotten some help with an app I just stumbled upon called PhotoRemake Pro. The app is a couple dollars so it won’t be a no-brainer free download, but it really solves several problems so it can pay for it’s self pretty quickly is curing headaches.

The app is simply a super imposing solution where you use the historical photo or a photo you took previously as an alignment tool. With the image showing in PhotoRemake Pro, you adjust the transparency till you can see through the precious picture to a live view for alignment. Then, snap the photo. There is no filtering or trick enhancements done through the app, it is just for getting the shot to align with a previously taken photo. Simple, but an effective way of lowing the amount of alignment editing needed later.