Using your iPhone Photos to create and share instructional guides – at no charge

Making a walk through or instructional guide doesn’t have to be hard. And, it no longer has to be done on a desktop computer.

I found a free app for the iPhone called SnapGuide. It takes what many folks feel is a difficult process and makes it easier and much faster than many other less powerful options. Also, when your done, you can share your creation at no charge on the app’s site to share with others or keep to a private group of viewers.

The SnapGuide app allows you to use photos and movies you have on your iPhone. It is just a matter of inserting the visual, add some text, view, rearrange, and save to share. Just about anything you need to walk someone through can be made into a multi image/text page turner so there is never confusion going forward. I really wish other processes where brought to the iPhone to be able to use my iPhone shot work.