Sketch Maker, the Free iPhone photo to sketch converter

Several of the all-in-one apps I have covered have a ‘convert to black and white’ or convert to Ansel. Either way, they pull the colors down to the basics. Sometimes, you may want more of a sketch or charcoal effect to the image, and that is what Sketch Maker does. Either photos you take with your iPhone through the app or import from your iPhone’s photo library, they are converted to a variety of sketched looks.

Tapping the yellow box in Sketch Maker brings up a row of buttons for starting over with a new image, saving, sharing, delete the  current effect back to default and access to Settings.

Choose the Settings icon to adjust the ‘Sketch’ mode as well the background Texture. These tuning options can be changed for a image your working on without having to reload the image.

This is another one of the sketch types chosen, and the background Texture set to non. No need for me to go into all of the looks available, Sketch Maker is free so you can grab a copy and play with the variety of effects that might best match the impact your looking for.