iPhone photographers interested in video? FiLMiC Pro is free for a limited time!

Funny, I’m involved in the movie making industry, yet I record almost no video with my iPhone. I lean more towards taking photographs and playing with a snapshot of history.

An app I have had on my iPhone for those times I do want to record video is FiLMiC Pro. I bought it the first time I saw one of the team’s creations using it on their older iPhone. It’s list of features is much longer than I will most likely use in the near future. As I keep playing with it around town on photo walks, the features start making more sense to get the movie effect I was hoping for. With FiLMiC Pro being FREE right now, if you have ever thought about doing video with your iPhone, grab it quick.¬†Share directly to YouTube, DropBox, Vimeo, Facebook, Tumblr and even to a FTP Server

From the FiLMiC Pro Developers:

– 3 separate shooting modes
– 4 selectable resolutions
– 26 different variable frame rates
– Audio monitoring levels
– Stereo recording support
– Custom slate configurations
– Grids
– Front Facing Camera Support
– Import Button for easy editing
– Overlays
– Colorbars up to 15 seconds
– 6 different upload destinations
– 4 bitrate options per resolution