Fisheye Lens for iPhone goes high resolution

The Fisheye effect is one of those items you never need till you need it. There has been times when looking at a doorway or bridge that I think I would really like to produce a fisheye view of the scene. I have played with a variety of lenses but they all do a bad job at the outer edges.

I was reminded of my desire for a method to do better fisheye photography via my iPhone when I saw an ad for a new app this morning. Upon looking over the reviews, most saying that the app had issues even creating anything, I moved on. Bad reviews are effective, which is why I like the lite versions with in-app Pro upgrades. I get to play with the app a bit before I actually spend the money. Money which is very difficult to get back if the app isn’t what it was saying it was.

OK, back to the Fisheye effect. Looking further, I found the app Fisheye Lens. What set it apart from the others I looked at was the resolution of the output photos.

That is the back camera, the face one is lower, but that is the camera and not the app’s fault.

Fisheye Lens shows the effect applied in real time. Although fun to do, I don’t recommend walking around the house just looking through the iPhone’s screen, you will bump into things! At the bottom of the image is a slider which is used to play a bit with the lens curvature. The cross hair button brings the image out to the edges (something you can’t do with a physical lens!).

There is also filters/effects included in Fisheye Lens. I can’t think of when I might use them but they are handy to have in my pocket when the need hits me.