15 Mar

Big news happening in the world of iPhone Photo Social Sharing

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It’s been a busy last few days in the world of iPhone Photos social sharing technologies.

Three come to mind, the first was getting all kinds of press over the last 24 hours. Milk has decided to discontinue Oink, the ranking/share iPhone app. The app and it’s services jumped onto the scenes last November from a Kevin Rose start up company. It gained a lot of popularity pretty quickly as an app to rank a thing rather than a place. So, you liked/disliked a sandwich, not the business proving it. I had mixed emotions using the app as it was relatively fast and easy to share but viewing what other was sharing as a single ranking in a list took up most of the screen. You built ‘Cred’ from your rankings in groups like Breakfast, Coffee, Toys, etc…

People are either happy that the service provider was smart enough to kill another iPhone Social Service if it wasn’t going anywhere before we all invested a year in it’s content. Others feel like the service should have gone on as a service since they feel their hard work in building it up will be lost. Folks, services like this start viral but take energy and MONEY to keep them growing so if it wasn’t going along the path, Milk saved us even bigger lost of time investment later. Personally, I think it was another app like Bump where the technology is free but it’s core will find it’s way into other services as a licensed core engine.

EyeEm, the social share service I call ‘more professional’, updated a few items throughout their app. The app now provides frames for your photos… a group that can be applied to any photo/filter rather than like some systems where the frame is locked to a filter effect. There is also a nice update to the Filters in EyeEm, with a new look to the picker and the filters themselves appear enhanced. Behind the scenes, the camera ┬áhas been ‘updated’. As a reminder, with EyeEm, you can apply the filter and frame effect while taking the picture so you know what your going to get before you snap.

Last is Instagram… last for no particular reason… the app was updated last night too. There was an occasional issue with sharing out through the app via email, fixed. As well, the big one for us heavy users, the Instagram app has been updated to launch quicker. I can say, it really does get going faster now. Not sure if that is due to caching of photos or smaller initial loads, doesn’t mater to me, it works. Have a great day sharing!!


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