The iPhone, a serious tool for photographers, amateur and professionals

Not all photography tools for the iPhone involve using the iPhone’s camera. I stumbled on this little gem of an app for pin pointing location data for making decisions on when the perfect photography time will be. The app, GoldenPic, is a valuable tool for outside photography.

When at a location, the app will tell you sunrise, sunset, weather for the next few days, the geo-location and data on the moon. If the timing isn’t perfect, save the location for later to check when your not there. Imagine, parks and landmarks in your area, bookmarked so that later you know when you should go to one of the locations to take photos because the environment around the location will be best suited for your shots. You don’t actually have to visit the location, just enter the name, address or geo-location into GoldenPic and save for later. Use it for planning out your next vacation path, know in advance when different stops will be at their best to take their picture rather than showing up when the weather, sun and time of day are all wrong.