Making stereographic photos on the iPhone

I keep seeing these photos where a room has been wrapped around a center dot, some cool… some not the right room. I thought at first they were using panoramic software and pulling the lower part in to meet it’s self. While that is supported in some pano software (I’ll cover that in another post), I found how it’s done with a single shot.

Simply put, there is an app called Tiny Planet Photos. From a single iPhone photo, you can wrap the image into a circle with the bottom being the center point so the image looks like a small globe. Depending on the photo, this can be very cool. After the initial price of the software, it doesn’t cost anything to apply the effect to every iPhone photo quickly so it won’t take long to see what works and what doesn’t.

Another effect the same Tiny Planet Photos does is the reverse wrap, so that the outer edge it pulled around giving the photo a ‘tube’ effect.