Multiple iPhone Photos used to create a single image

A fun app I have been using was just updated yesterday, I thought it was worth a quick mention. Diptic is a universal app (buy once, use it on both your iPhone and iPad) that provides many templates of multi image boxes. You choose one, then tap each box to insert an image from your iPhone’s library, take a new image or import from a social network. The image in the box can be rotated and resized.

The first of the new features is the ability to move the bars that frame each image so that you can adjust how much of the total image each photo will take up. No longer are you locked to a set size of each image… yea!

The second feature addition is the ability to round the corners on the over all image or of each picture within it. The Diptic developers even provided a slider so you can adjust how much of a rounded corner you need to get the right effect.

When done, export to your iPhone’s area, to an email or even directly to many different social network and photo sharing services.