iPhone brings a film camera to your pocket

The days of choosing a 35mm film, a lens and the type of flash are not completely gone. While Hipstamatic doesn’t require you get the ‘f’ setting right or depth of field focus, it does offer a variety of yesteryear type choices. The output won’t be the super crisp photos of the big lens and big dollar cameras, rather it will give you the lower end experience of the bright spots and washed out colors of the not-so-perfect film cameras.

Hipstamatic comes with a variety of film types and lenses, as well a couple flash head styles. To choose, you just sweep your finger across the lens area side/side to change, and up/down to the film canisters. You can choose to use the flash or not.

You view through the little view finder window, snap your images… Hipstamatic takes a bit of time to create the image adds it to it’s own image roll. You can choose to have the photo also saved out to your iPhone’s Photo Library too. Sharing is done through the popular social services with the image including the specifics to the lens/film/flash you used. Additional film/lens combination packs are available through in-app purchase.